Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Open your eyes and you'll be able to see amazing things not far from you

City Hall and Library of Sarajevo

Building started in 1892, first appointed architect Karl Parzik, yet he was replaced by Alexander Wittek who designed it in pseudo-Moorish style. Wittek committed suicide and the City Hall was completed by Ciril Ivekovic in 1894. Destroyed during Bosnian war, it was recently renovated and opened to public again.

House of Spite Sarajevo

The story of this house is directly linked to City Hall above, as it was situated where the City Hall was about to be built. Authorities wanted to destroy it and the owner, in spite of everybody, moved it brick by brick and block by block across the river Miljacka and across the City Hall.

What a tale these two buildings have don't they? And all this within walking distance from each other and can be seen strolling downtown Sarajevo.

What do you see and can learn in your town and neighborhood?

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