Thursday, September 3, 2015

Global politics, incompetence unfolding ...with terrifying consequences

Bodrum, Turkey, Mediterranean coast and a body of a small child washed out on a shore. Three year-old and his five year old brother died as they tried to escape horrors of war back in their country.
Nobody wanted them, they were not human beings according to laws of political system, and in odyssey of going back and forth, they lost their young lives.
Horrific  images lately: refugees made to kneel for train ticket in Hungary, placing numbers on arms of poor people in Republic of  Czech, having them put on old trains and "shipped" to camps again in Hungary. ...
Where are we heading as human beings?  If I was religious, I would say straight to hell.
History keeps repeating over and over again and we never learn and forget so easy.
So I will say goodbye little ones and rest in peace. You are in a better place I am sure. Forgive us for being so indefferent, so prejudiced, so ignorant and not caring.

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