Thursday, September 3, 2015

Karate - how it made us better

When my son was 7 we decided to enroll him in sports for all known reasons: physical activity, health, hanging out with right crowd etc.
And we started a quest: what sports is suitable for him and what does he like?? Soccer, basketball, swimming, skiing ... until we got to martial arts. That was it. That's when his eyes sparked and we knew we found it.
First training I remember with smile as we watched it from around the corner so he was not able to see us: at first he was in shock as he didn't expect warmup exercises for 20 min (running, stretching, pushups, squats ..). He was not impressed with that! 😂😂😂. And then came the first karate move and his face turned into giant smile. Yep that was it.
Mind you him and the rest of the kids quickly learned to respect sensei and each other and 6 months later, they acted as one and breathe for each other.
Self confidence sky rocketed, grades got even better and so did the social skills. Overall - the quality of his life improved.
Those were beginnings - he still loves it 4 years later and he is a proud brown belt. How we get to that point. I will explain some other time.


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