Monday, September 14, 2015

Research and imagination - what happened?

When was the last time our generation witnessed some serious and mind blowing scientific breakthrough?  I mean in the line of antibiotics, airplane invention, landing on a planet etc.
All I hear is that millions and millions (of taxpayers dollars) were spent on things like whether boys like trucks and girls dolls, world craft or witch craft (not sure) gaming??? (Seriously 4 million $spent on that), monkey gambling and synchronize swimming - really?
So I went to see what is definition of research nowdays. It says "systematic analysis of current knowledge for the purpose of finding new facts and improve knowledge". Ok, so current knowledge of what? Gaming?
Remember Julius Vern and his 20,000 miles under the sea? We have a submarine now. Or around the world in 80 days? We can do that now thanks to airplanes and much better boats.
Where did our imagination go? Is it only limited by gaming now?  What happened with cures - cancer for instance - lack of will power or the fact that everything turned into business?
And space, I honestly thought when I was a child we would have already landed on dozen different planets.
How about quantum physics and expanding or at least tackling theory of relativity??
Nothing. We went globally dumb and boring. Waiting for the new tech gadget to be bigger or smaller depending on a fashion trend, I suppose.
We got away from true imagination, thus from the true research and science.

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